Thursday, 7 March 2013

Attorney Chicks

In The Name Of Allah...

      My group was assigned to go to any superior court and hear the case to write a law report. We decided to go to Kompleks Mahkamah Seremban with another group (Syakira's group). The early plan was we will depart only after Zohor. However, we changed our plan as Madam Suraiya, our Malaysian Legal System's lecturer cancelled her class which at 11pm.

30 minutes later...

      We arrived there safely and thought everything will gonna settle here.

From left: Ummi, Saadah, Ecah, Midah, Maryam, Hasriah, Salmah (that's me!)

How unlucky we were as if there was no case been heard today at High Court. Once again we made a last minute decision to go to Palace of Justice (POJ) at Putrajaya. Without waiting any longer, we continued our journey through North-South Highway.

      We realised that we were lost only when we couldn't find any way after taking Sungai Besi exit without Syakira group's car. It almost 3.30pm and we still searching for alternative way to reach POJ from Serdang while another group had entered the Appeal Room. We only managed to reach there at 4pm and Alhamdulillah we made it.

The most important thing is we had successfully presented the case about Law of Contract and sent the full law report! :D

      What I'm trying to say is be in the same car with two guys I just knew (as a classmate) was something truly awkward. You know, how pathetic was that. But hey! At least they aren't too smug for not to laugh of my silly jokes. Well at least..they're grinning :]

Dinner at Alamanda KFC

Attorney Chicks won the dispute! Rest the case..  #IniSemuaPoyo

p/s: Pink and other light colours are not allowed in courts. Learn the lesson :3


  1. Oh My Goddddd! hahaha *taktau nak komen apa*

  2. jauhnya berjalan..dari seremban tuu