Saturday, 2 March 2013

Super Weekend

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone!

      It had been weeks since my last post. Due to an increased workload, seems not having much time to spend time for another side of my life. You may not believe it anyhow! Somehow it might sounds like walking into a grown-up world. Yes, it is! Already 20 and have to face the truth no matter what.

      Last week, my two friends and I went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) to search for some acts and statutes. By taking public transports, we're able to go number of places nearby Kuala Lumpur - KL Sentral, Midvalley, Pasar Seni, Alamanda - you name it. We just need to spend extra days cause we just can't get enough of it!

      For law students, here are some suggestion for you to find acts, statutes, legal reference books and other stuffs related.

  1. Kedai Buku Pustaka Mukmin, Jalan TAR, KL
  2. Kedai Buku Pustaka Minerva, Jalan TAR, KL

      Don't miss to buy some souvenirs from there cause the price is extremely cheap! From clothes to foods, it just like a shopping paradise which might drive one crazy!

      Before we went back to our college, we stopped by at Midvalley for awhile. My main purpose was to buy a pair of shoes but then I couldn't find any which suits me well. Only then I realized that I tend to buy shoes at regular shops rather than at shopping complex. Oh how reckless I was! -___-

      Out of nowhere, we came out with the craziest plan ever in my life, not before and not since. I'm afraid I couldn't share this story publicly as it's no ordinary things to be done. But I believe something is always happening somewhere so we're not alone.. ngee~

It's always a good time!

Mornight peeps... kroohh.. kroohhh...

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