Monday, 7 January 2013

My 2013 Wishlist


      Gaahhhh!!! It's been so long since my last post last year. Dah 2013 dah pun and 20 years old I am now! No more teen ages in my life.. *fainting for about 5 minutes* Fuhh..what I suppose to talk about this time. Hmm..alrite! Let's talk about our dream(s) and hope(s) for this upcoming 2013.

      First and foremost, I have an important announcement to be made. I had deactivated my Facebook account a week ago and that would be for permanent. No specified reason so please, never ask why. Aa aaa, I told you not to ask rite? Ish, degil betul! Okay, so for those yang nak contact can definitely call or just SMS me at my number (selalu memang on nombor Celcom but still use the Maxis number). Twitter or Yahoo! can be the options.

      Next, nak share harapan yang harap sanggaatt-saanngggaaattt jadi kenyataan. Dah lama terfikir nak benda ni tapi kena consider hal ni banyak kali baru boleh dijadikan one of my 2013 Target-of-the-year. Saya nak beli Android bolehhhh....?? Although some might say, " Hek'eleh, nak beli takat satu henpon pun nak kecoh. Aku beli kereta 5 bijik takde hal laa.. " .........(cricket sound)........ Okay fine. As long aku beli handphone tak mintak duit orang lain, why bother? Sebab tu aku nak cakap yang jadi isunya aku teringin nak beli guna duit sendiri tanpa mintak dari sesiapa pun even my own parents or sisters. Yes!! I have to make sure that this time I must use my own money. And the chosen handphone will be LG Optimus L7 which is Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Aiskrimmmm?!! This is funny when only now I know that Android has it name of delightful desserts such as Jelly Bean, Gingerbread and what not. #TrueStory

So how? Cool isn't it? Bhahaha.. After all, I had already made my decision and I must start saving up my money from now on.

      Okay tu je kott. Takut la pulak kalau pasang banyak impian sebab selalunya kan orang tamak selalu rugi ye dok? *buat gaya Joyah kepoh* Anyway, I have another ONE BIG SECRET TASK to do but unfortunately I just can't share it publicly. In sha Allah, that one is much more important than Android one so pray for my success yeah? Until we meet again. Spread the salam among Muslims, Assalamualaikum warahmatullah :)

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  1. lawa sangat phone tu.
    Btw, rindu hang Sal :')

    Org yang sekepala sehati dgn aku. XOXO